About Us

Stephill Generators Ltd are committed to do our utmost to help protect the environment, and to constantly monitor, review, reduce and minimise any negative impacts resulting from our manufacturing processes and commercial activities. It has become clear that - in our efforts to reduce waste, energy consumption, emissions and the use of non-recyclable materials - not only do these actions improve the overall sustainability of the company, but can also result in cost savings and benefits to our employees, stakeholders and customers alike. Our aim is to integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions, and to ensure that all staff are fully aware and committed to a continual process of implementation and improvement. We also strive to engage our clients and suppliers with a view to encouraging them to adopt sound sustainable practices.

To this end, we have implemented numerous policies and actions which include;

Re-cycling of all possible packing materials, and engaging suppliers in reviewing packaging with a view to reducing the amount of packing or increasing the recyclable content. This policy has produced some excellent results and – for example - has resulted in the packaging from our major engine supplier now being 100% recyclable.

Arranging for the re-use or recycling of office waste, including paper, computer and printer cartridges and redundant equipment. We also minimalise paper usage by “double-siding” all paper used, and request office staff not to print documents unless absolutely necessary. We also seek to reduce the energy consumption of office equipment by purchasing energy efficient devices and encouraging good housekeeping practices.

Installation of energy efficient heating, ventilation and lighting systems inside the factory, warehouse and offices - an investment that has not only reduced utility bills but has also increased the overall comfort of our employees.

Installation of a Solar PV system in 2015 on to our factory roof. This will significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint, by providing us with the majority of our electrical needs with clean energy, rather than power which otherwise would have been generated through the burning of fossil fuels.

The sourcing of all possible materials and services as close as geographically possible to our Wellingborough HQ and manufacturing facility, helps to reduce delivery travel mileage of supplier delivery vehicles, and hence emissions. As often is the case, this also produces additional benefits, supporting local business, increasing overall efficiency, and contributing to the ongoing prosperity and employment in the region.

We have an ongoing policy to explore and research the use of materials within our generating sets that can be recycled, and to incorporate the most modern fuel efficient and low emission prime movers available along with the development of hybrid power systems.

Our stakeholders and employees are fully engaged in our ongoing push towards maintaining sustainability, and the regular measurement of our Carbon Footprint has confirmed that our combined efforts have been most successful in achieving a continual and significant reduction to date.



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